Do you have a young puppy and lots of questions? Do you have an adult dog you would like to train? Is your dog a rescue dog in need of some gentle guidance? Make your walks more enjoyable and become 'best friends' with your four-legged companion? We train you to train your dog! All our courses also deal with behavioural problems. If you choose Private Consultation, Puppy Kindergarten, a Basic Obedience, Advanced Obedience or Short Foundation Course, you will be:

We train in Jones Park and Fleming Park in East Brunswick. Private consultation takes place in the home, but also in the parks. Courses differ in length of time according to level. Click on the links for a map view.

We offer small groups and a friendly, encouraging atmosphere. Our classes are fun and hands-on, and are professionally run by a knowledgeable, accredited trainer.

The training is community oriented and part of the course fee goes to animal rescue organisations.

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